Ductwork naturally expands and contracts as part of the air conditioning and heating process. Unfortunately, wear and tear can lead to leaks, negatively affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the HVAC system. With 15 years of service in Gilbert, AZ and the surrounding communities, Ellsworth Home Services has found that the majority of local homes suffer from significant energy losses due to holes, cracks, and separations in the ducts. Sometimes, up to 30% of conditioned air is wasted.

Expert Aeroseal Duct Sealing Services

Aeroseal duct sealing offers a non-invasive and proven solution. This innovative process eliminates the need to manually locate leaks one by one and access the entirety of the system without causing mess or damage.  While Aeroseal is covered by a 10-year warranty, testing has shown lasting durability for decades. All it takes is a call to (480) 593-2265 for duct testing, accurate results, and cost-effective improvement.

Turn to Ellsworth Home Services for duct sealing in Gilbert and Chandler, AZ!

After blocking off supply and return registers, the NATE-certified technicians from Ellsworth Home Services introduce highly pressurized air, laced with adhesive polymer particles, into the ducts. As the air seeps from various flaws, these non-toxic particles adhere to the edges, gradually build up and form an airtight seal. More even comfort, cleaner air quality, restored system efficiency, cost savings, and less strain on the HVAC system are just a few of the many benefits. Ellsworth Home Services is happy to assist homeowners across Gilbert and Chandler, AZ.

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We are extremely happy with our experience with Ellsworth Home Services and want to extend our special thanks to all of you for all of the above and for the respect of us and our home. We feel like valued customers!


I really appreciate working with businesses that value good business! Doing right and going above and beyond is hard to find in a business these days and Ellsworth was TERRIFIC!


The staff was great and went above and beyond during one of the busiest times of the year to get us up and running. I’d highly reccomend Ellsworth. This type of personalized service is rare these days – I’d suggest you call today if you think you need A/C service, these guys do an amazing job!


We have used their A/C and insulation services at two different homes. Great people and competitive prices. They take care of their employees! Most have been there 12 plus years!

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