As the song goes, Summertime and the living is easy – as long as the air conditioning is cranked up and blowing cold! Air conditioning makes summer in Arizona bearable. Many homeowners call us to say they are happy with their air conditioning, but they have one annoying problem. The temperature is fine throughout most of the house, but it’s much warmer in one room. Maybe you are experiencing a similar issue? Whether it’s the kitchen, your family room or one of the kid’s bedrooms, it can be a frustrating experience.

There is no set rule as to which rooms are harder to cool than others, although south and west facing rooms with large windows will always present a challenge for your air conditioning unit. Heavy blackout curtains or blinds can help to block out the desert sun. As well, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms have extra heat and humidity. Equally-balanced air conditioning depends on many factors, including the general layout of the house, the design and installation of the air conditioning system and vents, and the human factor in your home which includes kids leaving doors or windows open, using ovens, hot showers, and running the washer and dryer in the utility room.

Air Conditioning – A Tricky Balancing Act

As any air conditioning expert will tell you, properly balancing an air conditioner in any structure, be it a house, office or industrial building, requires solid engineering, careful calculations and years of experience. There are multiple challenges to be met, and depending on the size, layout, insulation and age of your home, your room to room air conditioning balance might be in need of some professional attention – especially if your house has been remodeled or you have added rooms. Homes are designed and built with the best intentions, but air conditioning systems and vents don’t always get the attention they deserve. Here are the top three reasons your air conditioning may not be reaching every room in your home equally.

Do Your Ducts Work? – Long Ducts and Uninsulated Ducts Pose Problems

Long stretches of ducts that are exposed to hot air, such as ducts in the attic running to the furthest rooms in the house can be challenging. It’s especially bad if the ducts are not insulated. A thorough inspection of your HVAC system, ducts and vents will reveal any such issues.

Too Large or Too Small – Is Your HVAC System the Right Size for Your House?

There is a myth that buying a larger air conditioning system will cool your house even better (bigger is better, right?) But that is not necessarily the case. If your system is too small, you may not have the tonnage (BTU’s) required to get the job done. The best solution is to have a professional assessment of your home by one of our service technicians.

Home Renovations

During the course of home renovations or room additions, air conditioning is not always a high priority. Adding rooms or square footage changes the balance of air conditioning in your home and should be checked and addressed by an expert. Having a carpenter run an extra vent is not always the best solution.

Why Not Hire the Best?

There are multiple reasons for unbalanced air conditioning throughout a home. If your house has not been professionally checked in the last few years, why not call the pros at Ellsworth Home Services?

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